I’ve recorded four CDs - three with the a cappella group “The Euphorics” and one with my R&B band “The Homewreckers”.

Off The Floor: Joani Bye and the Homewreckers:

Johnny Ellis and I produced this CD. We went out to Harrison Hotsprings for two days and hunkered down in the old Heritage Hall. We recorded for about six to eight hours a day and took the best takes of the songs for the album. We added a couple of bg tracks in the studio, but other than that, everything is live off the floor. The players are John Ellis on guitar, Dennis Marcenko on bass, Darryl Havers on keys and Shawn Soucy on drums. Nathen Aswell came into the studio to sing some bgs. Some of the finest players in the country! I’ll never forget that experience, and I still think the album rocks!! If you’d like to buy it, just contact me.

Standing Up For Love: The Euphorics:

This album is a mix of originals and covers. They were all recorded at Sid Perez’s studio other than “Hallelujah”, which was recorded live. The singers were Bing Jensen on bass, Helen Davis sharing soprano/alto duties with me, and Nathen Aswell singing tenor. I sang with this group for about 24 years before we finally dis”band”ed last fall. They’re some of my best friends and we had some amazing times together.

Born to Sing: The Euphorics

I’m very proud to say that I produced this album, which was recorded at Bakerstreet Studios, where I worked closely with the late, great Paul Baker. The singers were Bing Jensen on bass, Helen Davis again sharing soprano/alto duties with me, and David Steele on tenor. I did several of the arrangements on this CD, and can adjust any of them for your vocal group, band or choir if you’re interested. Just contact me.

So....What’s With the Pants?

This is a children’s CD, recorded at my daughter’s elementary school (Queen Mary in North Vancouver) when she was in Grade 5. It has a number of songs from our school show as well as a couple of additions. Singers were Bing Jensen, Helen Davis and Nathen Aswell.gn

All these CDs are available for $15.00 inclusive. Feel free to contact me.