The R&B Allstars
The Allstars are a dynamic eleven-piece rhythm and blues band from Vancouver, BC. The band was formed in 1980 and gained popularity at venues like The Town Pump, Commodore, Richards on Richards and 86th Street. After a decade of recuperation from groove fatigue, the Allstars reformed in 2013.
The vocals have always been a huge part of the Allstars' sound, and this new configuration maintains that tradition with Joani Bye and Nathen Aswell up front, and Billy Mendoza, Tim Porter and Peter Juric all adding to the big vocal sound. The driving rhythm section includes Rick Hill laying it down on drums, Billy Mendoza thumping out the rhythm on bass, and Tim Porter and Bill Sample adding funky rhythm and ripping solos on guitar and keys respectively. Peter Juric (trumpet), Colin Weinmaster (trombone), Steve Hilliam (tenor sax), and Bill Abbott (alto sax) bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "brass kicking ass"!! If you haven't seen this band over the last 40 years, it's time!!